The Chairman's Desk

Education leads us from darkness to light. As a Chairman of the College I am happy to receive this opportunity to serve in its benign efforts to serve the society with professional medical services. We are constantly striving to further develop our facilities to a full fledged academic complex with multifarious activities under the aegis of Rastogi Education Society.

I warmly welcome you all to our institute which is located at, more or less a place known for success and simplicity. Nursing, a profession that recalls the name of Florence Nightingale is indeed one of the noblest professions in the world. Precisely, our institute has a strong team of faculties & staffs for career guidance to the aspirants.

I am confident that with the best efforts of our team this academic session will grow by leaps and bounds to attain the targeted objectives. I wish you all success for the future career.

The Vice-Chairman's Desk

"A nurse will always give us hope, an angel with stethoscope." Nursing as a profession is unique because it addresses the response of the individual health problems to actual or potential health problem in a humanistic and holistic manner.

Now onwards, the quality educational programmes will be judged by the nursing competencies. So the future of nursing profession and the health of the nation is dependant on the challenging attitude of nurse and other health workers also.

The art and technique of nursing directed towards the achievement of the various goals like understanding and improvement of the patients capability and prevention of the recurrence of patients problem.

I wish all success to the students and faculties and congratulate the Rastogi Education Society, who have contributed in bringing up the Bharat Institute of Nursing.

The Director's Desk

Serving the society means serving the nation. Nursing is a profession of serving. It's a unique medical health educational programme for the sake of goodness to humanism for betterment of living being. The nursing profession involves the study of the methodologyto solve health problems.

The area being vast in nursing, its been categorized to particular aspect for better learning and curing with latest tools & techniques. The future of nursing profession in our nation is getting brighter on and on. Now nursing courses have become one among the perfect career security tool, going through this, young aspirants can achieve their set goal

As a Director, I wish all the very best to each of our students and their parents along, without whom we could have not flourished as the best education centre in the nearby region and further establishing four different nursing institutes at Chhattisgarh.